About Todd Stabley

I’m a digital media engineer at Duke University’s Office of Information Technology and live in Durham, NC.  I’m a person of many interests, but lately hiking, cycling and photography seem to be the biggest ones, and so are most likely to be written about here.


3 thoughts on “About Todd Stabley

  1. Strange small world Todd, but just this evening I was on the phone with your own Dan Ariely about some ideas we are testing in the marketplace – do you know him? Glad to see you out here on WordPress and I’ll look forward to reading your adventures – and, thanks for the shout out!

  2. Hey John, my wife, who is also Israeli, knows him, but I haven’t yet had the honor. That said, we are very familiar with Dan in my group, since as you might guess he’s kind of a media star on campus. His videos on Duke’s iTunes U and YouTube channels, which we set up, are always among the biggest hits. We started a popular live “office hours” broadcast, which he did as well. If you’re talking to Dan you must be up to some interesting things. Hope I get to hear about them sometime!

  3. Hi. I am attempting to reach out to a family member of Vincent Moore, who is buried at the U.S cemetery in Normandy, France. This may seem a bit random, but when my family and I were visiting the cemetery on July 17th, we were somberly strolling thru the rows of grave markers, my wife and I were attempting to impress upon our two kids the gravity of what occurred there 70+ years ago, and I happened to notice the marker belonging to Vincent Moore, who had been killed on that exact day 72 years prior. I also noticed that he hailed from Michigan. We happen to live in Ann Arbor, MI. I thanked him for his service and felt extremely grateful for the sacrifice he and so many others made. When I Googled his name I came across your blog which contains a picture of him. I just thought it was appropriate to reach out to a family member and say that I’m grateful for Vincent’s service, and that he is not forgotten. Regards.

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