About Todd Stabley

I’m a digital media engineer at Duke University’s Office of Information Technology and live in Durham, NC.  I’m a person of many interests, but lately cycling and photography seem to be the biggest ones, and so are most likely to be written about here.

  1. Strange small world Todd, but just this evening I was on the phone with your own Dan Ariely about some ideas we are testing in the marketplace – do you know him? Glad to see you out here on WordPress and I’ll look forward to reading your adventures – and, thanks for the shout out!

  2. Hey John, my wife, who is also Israeli, knows him, but I haven’t yet had the honor. That said, we are very familiar with Dan in my group, since as you might guess he’s kind of a media star on campus. His videos on Duke’s iTunes U and YouTube channels, which we set up, are always among the biggest hits. We started a popular live “office hours” broadcast, which he did as well. If you’re talking to Dan you must be up to some interesting things. Hope I get to hear about them sometime!

  3. Hi. I am attempting to reach out to a family member of Vincent Moore, who is buried at the U.S cemetery in Normandy, France. This may seem a bit random, but when my family and I were visiting the cemetery on July 17th, we were somberly strolling thru the rows of grave markers, my wife and I were attempting to impress upon our two kids the gravity of what occurred there 70+ years ago, and I happened to notice the marker belonging to Vincent Moore, who had been killed on that exact day 72 years prior. I also noticed that he hailed from Michigan. We happen to live in Ann Arbor, MI. I thanked him for his service and felt extremely grateful for the sacrifice he and so many others made. When I Googled his name I came across your blog which contains a picture of him. I just thought it was appropriate to reach out to a family member and say that I’m grateful for Vincent’s service, and that he is not forgotten. Regards.

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